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About Us

- "Sport Us College" mission statement

Our mission is to open the gates of the world and enable talented athletes to study in the United States through an athletic and/or academic scholarship, where they will fulfill their ambitions and develop academic and athletic potentials.

- Why "Sport Us College"?

The basic idea of the company is to be the missing link between American universities and talented athletes who want to study in the US and play competitive intercollegiate sports. Until now, the term „athletic scholarship“ was reserved for top athletes and their doors to the USA were usually through informal family and friend relations. The idea of "Sport Us College" center is to open such opportunities for everyone.

Many athletes often have to chose between an athletic career and high academic education, a compromise which often deprives an individual in achieving dreams on athletic or academic plan. This challenge is solved in the North-American academic environment, where students compete in intercollegiate leagues.

By this, the athletes are enabled to pursue their life goals in both areas - athletic and academic. Besides the academic and athletic development, as well as perfecting the English language, the experience that the life and competition at the American universities brings is priceless and by our personal judgment it is worth more then any earned diploma.

- Business Philosophy

Our basic idea is to create an additional value in the candidate's life. Our manner of doing this is high quality and professionalism in business, as well as giving special attention to every candidate that is trying to find their happiness and place in the world far away from the safety of home.

Even after a successfully completed service, our wish it to give support to young people in settling down in the new environment with advice from our own experiences in order to increase the quality of life in the USA.

We will support only candidates that in our opinion have the quality to compete in American intercollegiate leagues, because we believe that for providing a good service, it is necessary to believe in it and the candidate we are presenting.

A foundation in our business philosophy is respectful cooperation, not only with our candidates, but with our American partners, simply because – it's good business, and the only way to secure future and quality business.