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How to get a Scholarship?

  • Graduate high-school
  • Create a player-profile (fill out a questionnaire)
  • Create a video of your game
  • Pass a test or two
  • Sign with us
  • Let us open the door for you!

The process of obtaining an Athletic Scholarship:

Before all, it is important to note that "Sport Us College" does not give any scholarships, but rather American universities do, and our role is to present to American coaches our candidates and present their athletic and academic qualities in a proper way and increase their chances of getting a scholarship.

Therefore, "Sport Us College" cannot guarantee that a candidate will get an athletic scholarship, but we also do not charge for our services until the entire job is completed, i.e. until when the candidate accepts any of the awarded scholarships.

Getting an athletic scholarship is a complex process and typically takes several months. Therefore, the entire process should begin 6-12 months before the desired departure.

The process consists of several steps that the candidates should undertake before they are presented to coaches at American universities.

  • Complete a non-binding and completely free questionnaire for the program found on our website, based on which we will assess the chances of getting an athletic scholarship and build a profile for promotion on our website,

If our assessment is positive, the next steps are:

  • Sign a contract with "Sport Us College" to be promoted with the American coaches,
  • Send us the edited video with sports training and competition according to the instructions we have prepared for the candidates,
  • Send us a copy and translation of high school transcripts (and graduation, if completed) and university transcripts (for students),
  • Take the SAT/ACT and/or the TOEFL test,
  • Apply to the NCAA/NAIA Clearinghouse (at all of these steps, if necessary, guidance will be provided)

That is the starting point for our work:

  • Promotion of athletes through their sport profiles and videos,
  • Gather offers from college coaches, presenting offers and give advice on college selection

Our personal and business experience gives us good insight into the state and needs of collegiate athletic teams, which enables to properly find scholarships, place and advise the future student-athlete. Through our work, we have extended a network of contacts and developed relationships based on which candidates are placed to American colleges.

How long does the process last?

There is no final deadline by which "Sport Us College" accepts the application, but there are periods in which American coaches form their teams for the next academic year (or 2 years in advance) and distribute the budgeted money available for scholarships. These periods are different for each sport, and typically begin at the end of the competition season and can last until the start of next season.

Coaches have at their disposal a certain amount of scholarship money (different for each university) that they allocate to players as they want, and early application is necessary to have the coaches see your profile early, while they still have scholarship money available to offer. So - the sooner the better!

The whole process can take several months and depends on several factors: the candidate to meet all the listed requirements and the before mentioned steps, coaches to offer a scholarships, other parties involved such as the agency for transcript evaluation, admissions offices in universities, etc.